An SD card is a miniature removable storage medium used to expand memory from an electronic device like a smart phone and a tablet, among others. What used to take a large infrastructure to store a few bits of data could not be compressed into one dynamic file that can be transferred from one device to another. The memory capacity of SD cards now quite extensive that data can be properly stored and transported. There is also a smaller form version of the SD card called the micro SD card, which is commonly used as memory cards for small electronic devices like tablets and smartphones.

What is an SD card

The SD or Secure Digital card is actually a flash memory media that can store high-capacity data memory. The portability of the SD card makes it the popular storage medium currently being used by a lot of memory-dependent storage devices like camcorders, digital cameras, digital recorders and a whole lot more. There are several ways to format an SD card, both from a computer or a phone with an SD-enabled card slot.

Format the card using the computer

If you are using a desktop computer, plug in a USB card reader and let the computer detect the device.
For Windows, try to open up your Explorer and look for the file SD file directory which is added to your file drives. Just right click on the icon with your mouse and scroll down to the option where it says Forma You will again be directed to another window showing you options to format. Do take note that formatting will delete all data in the card.
For Macintosh, you can use an adaptor for the SD card to insert it inside the card slot or you can also use a USB card reader. Open the Disk Utility program from the Utilities page from Applications. Just select the Erase tab when highlighting the SD card option that shows up and select FAT32.

Format using your phone

You can also use your smart phone or any SD card- enabled device by simply going to the settings configuration page of your phone by scrolling through the Storage option and selecting it. It will then direct you to the next page where it will provide you with options to format the SD card. The option to format the SD card is for the purpose of clearing it either due to possible data corruption or infection from malicious ware or virus that affects memory allocations. Formatting the SD card is often the best resolution to eliminating any virus that is damaging the memory. Formatting the SD card will also erase all data from the card’s memory. Most camcorder or image capturing device usually has a trash button on the menu option of the device that allows you to remove unnecessary files you need to discard. For viruses and intrusions, it is also advised to have the card reformatted instead of just selecting specific files to remove.